Confession: I haven’t made any purchase using mobile yet

I have worked for a Magento partner company for a few years. I have worked on projects utilizing a responsive web design concept and I have made a lot of test purchases in these projects using mobile devices. Recently I realized one thing – I have never bought anything real using a mobile device! However, I was using the App Store on my iPhone, but it doesn’t include checkout so it doesn’t count.

I make a few purchases in online stores each month. It’s usually electronics and gadgets stuff, books and toys for the kids. I used to buy groceries online and for a few months I have been buying clothes and shoes there.

When I realized that I haven’t bought anything using the technology I am working on, I was ashamed a bit. My first thought was that it’s not a great idea to share this. However, it’s time to change that. I’m going to buy only using my mobile phone for at least the next 30 days!

One thought on “Confession: I haven’t made any purchase using mobile yet

  1. Gosia says:

    Hi Wojtek! To cheer you up, I have to say that most of American people are in love with checks, the rest is using master card:P I see that Poland is more up-to-date than USA ;)

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