Top 10 Wolfram Alpha queries for a developer

How I use Wolfram Alpha, a computational engine that can provide expert-level knowledge-based answers to questions, to help with everyday work. Read more →

Staging Sites on users have been missing the staging sites feature for years. I’m excited that it changed this month! Read more →

How to use Warden/Docker for WordPress development

Check how to use Warden CLI tool to orchestrate Docker-based environments for local WordPress development. Read more →

Starting and stopping brew services using BitBar plugin

I was looking for a UI solution to easily start and stop homebrew services. Check out what I found – a handy app with ready to use plugins. Read more →

Crazy Magento 2 core patches

Last year I took over a maintenance of the Magento 2 Commerce site. Check how I needed to deal with already applied core patches. Read more →

Magento 2: add CMS Page programmatically

I’m starting series of short blog posts to share solutions for common Magento 2 problems. In first one Read more →

How I started career thanks to Ultima Online

However not by getting paid for playing games. Read more →

Extension developers, test your extensions

This post isn’t about advanced testing techniques like a Test Driven Development, an unit testing or a functional testing. It’s just about spending some time to USE an extension you wrote to make sure it works in different cases. Read more →

Meet Magento 2014 Poland remarks

It’s been almost two months since I got back from the Meet Magento Poland 2014 conference. See my random thoughts I have gathered after the conference. Read more →

How to prepare Magento 2 beta package for offline use

Let’s see how to prepare Magento 2 beta package for offline use and how to compress sample data for the new platform. Read more →

How to easily dump Magento database with n98-magerun

Let’s see how to dump a Magento database easily with a n98-magerun tool. Read more →

Get a free Meet Magento PL 2014 ticket!

It’s only 9 days left to a Meet Magento PL 2014 conference. Haven’t got your ticket yet? I have one free ticket to give away! Read more →

Confession: I haven’t made any purchase using mobile yet

I haven’t bought anything real using mobile devices yet and it’s time to change that. Read more →

Fix Apache broken after OS X Yosemite update

I could call it OS X tradition, Apple again broke an Apache2 installation with latest OS X Yosemite upgrade. Let’s see how I fixed that and brought my local Apache2, PHP5 and MySQL development environment back. Read more →

Bring a lot of customers to Magento store… using n98-magerun

See how n98-magerun lets you create fake customer data for testing purposes. Read more →